Moving Boxes Recycled Once Used

Available as eco moving packs with free delivery and free collection. Each eco moving pack includes a selection of 16 moving boxes that have been gently used by a removal company or someone moving house. They are checked thoroughly and are of the highest quality. As well as the removal boxes each eco moving pack includes 2 rolls of Oxo Bio-degradable Bubble wrap (5m x 50cm), a marker pen and non toxic parcel tape.

Returnable Moving Boxes

Returnable moving boxes, Once you have finished with your boxes send them back, just place them back in the protective bag they arrived in (please only return our boxes) and call us to collect.

Storage Boxes

Most people don't unpack all their boxes and store quite a few in the loft or garage. This is fine if you purchase one or more eco moving packs you can send back any number, or non we don't mind.

Packaging supplies moving products

Obviously the eco moving packs won't suit everyone but if you require additional packaging items like sofa covers, mattress bags, silica gels, packing paper etc we send a 10% off coupon with every order for eco moving packs for our main moving box supplies website.

Save up to 30% on your moving boxes

Because we are supplying moving boxes that customers and removal companies have sent back to us, we can pass on a saving of up to 30% on buying your boxes from any competitive leading box supplier in fact if you bought the equivalent boxes for two of our eco moving packs from a leading self storage company would cost you more than £109.00 a saving of £52.00 and that's not including the marker pen and tape (because they do not supply them)

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